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if you want something to play with, go and find yourself a toy

baby my time is too expensive and i'm not a little boy

this is exactly the reason i want a down ass vato
vince wasn't 100% honest w/ me
he just wants to be friends
but because he was afraid of my reaction he avoided me, that's a bad move, don't be a levo with me, you can't run away from your problems or ignore them

then mark got pissed off at me for liking other guys, i think that's dumb because he does porn, what's worse? doing porn or liking someone?
exactly, don't be stupid ese, we're not even dating

so we'll see if gino is really down for me, he seems pretty firme so far, i think i could see myself dating him

whatever, i don't know why i bother posting on here, no one reads this shit
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